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trust in your heart and don't look back [INCOMPLETE]

Who: Riku [silveralli] and Xenmas [gens_duxducis]
When: Friday, around noon. Period before lunch.
Where: From school to… other places.
Rating: PG-13, subject to change.
Warnings: Riku’s been a little fidgety about the surprise Xenmas has for him. It finally comes, and for once, he’s not prepared.

He twisted his torso around, spinning on the tips of his toes before stopping and putting one foot to his side. His waist was twisted so his chest faced another way then his legs, and he performed a simple chaise off of the makeshift stage in the dance room.

Riku picked slightly at the skintight black uniform he was supposed to wear for his dance class with slight distaste. His long silver hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and he pushed forwards to go back into the stage before the intercom crackled. The dance teacher gave a sharp French command, and almost everyone paused. Riku, however, poked his head out just in time to hear his name being called. He made a face before grabbing the hall pass and quickly making his way down the steps.

He gave a slight shiver as the winds nipped at his skin through the thin fabric, and the boy quickly made his way to the main building. Riku quickly went up the two flights of stairs before walking down the empty halls [he made a few faces to people he knew behind the teacher’s backs] before coming to the main office. He walked into the small room, asking the secretary who had come to see him. She turned, and pointed out into another room, which the teen sighed at seeing. Another business partner coming during school hours? He gave her a quiet thanks before opening the door and closing it behind him.

He was surprised--no, shocked--at who was inside.
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