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Man I Wish You'd Just Left Me Alone [Complete]

Who: Rikku (clumsiness) and Riku (silveralli).
When: Last night.
Where: Rikku’s house.
Rating: PG-13.
Warnings: Blood drinking and fainting.

The silver-haired teen grasped his brown jacket over his thin body tighter, tightening the ties around the fitted waist. Damn. It was horrible out here; rain pelted at his frame. He had forgotten his umbrella in his haste. Something was wrong with Rikku; he needed to find out what. Besides, over his trip to the hospital, he had foraged a strong bond with her. There was just something about the blonde girl that calmed him, that was good. He looked to the street corner, and sighed in relief. Evergreen Street. He was right. He looked towards the house there, and quickly went towards the door. It had a mini roof, at least. He coughed softly, putting a shaking hand over his mouth before knocking.

Thirst. That’s all there was. Every cell of her body screamed for blood, but she still refused. Rikku had spent too much time denying her vampire side to give in now. But how much longer could she last? A knock at the door, and she knew it wouldn’t be long. She shoved herself away from her seat at the kitchen table, making her way to the front room. Halfway there she slumped against the wall, sliding down to sit on the floor, legs drawn to her chest. She had to tell him to leave, to get away before she hurt him. “C-come.. in.” The call was weak and faint, and she was surprised that it had even come out at all. Shock was replaced by fear and self-loathing. Riku was her friend; she couldn’t let him near her while she was like this.

The boy heard the weak call, and felt a stab at his heart. Rikku was in real pain, and he opened the door quickly, shedding his coat. The water running off of his silver hair made soft ‘plop’ sounds as they hit the floor, Riku setting his soaked coat down in a plastic bag that seemed to be from a comforter package. Had the girl just been moving in? He quickly went over to her, almost stumbling over his cleats. He had gotten home from practice with barely any time to change before he had seen her post, hence why he was still in his jersey and shorts.

He was coming closer, she could hear him. She could feel the vibrations from his clumsy footfalls. Forehead against her knees, she took deep breaths through her mouth, trying not to sense anything. Despite the rain, she could smell sweat and grass; he’d just come from soccer. A shudder raked her thin frame, and she clenched her fingers. “Ri… ku.” Her voice was barely above a whisper and she raised her head slightly, seeing his long black socks. “Can’t… anymore.”

“What can’t you do?” he asked softly as he kneeled down next to her, and grabbed her hand. He was warm, but cold still; a few drops of water plopped against her skin. The silver-haired boy looked at her with pure concern in his seagreen eyes, still trying to regain his breath if just a little. “Tell me what I can do.” He muttered, staring at her as she shook. He put a firm hand on her shoulder.

He was close, and warm. All she had to do was… The blonde gasped, squeezing her eyes shut and trembling uncontrollably. “Th-thirsty.” The word was broken, like her pained expression. She had to fight it, at least until Riku was out of harm’s way. Maybe then she could hunt someone down, some human who didn’t deserve to live anymore. But deep down, she knew she’d never be able to kill another sentiment being. A small whimper issued from her throat, and she clutched her head in her hands.

‘Thirsty’? Riku’s eyes were full of confusion before it suddenly dawned on him. Of course. Rikku was a half-vampire. She had to drink blood as well. Inside, he shook; she had brought him here for--no. Rikku wouldn’t do that on purpose. This wasn’t her fault. “You’re thirsty,” he murmured, and got close, tilting his head to the side. “Go ahead,” his voice was shaking, he was shaking, he couldn’t believe he was doing this but he knew it was right.

Rikku could hear his heart racing, could see his pulse flutter on his neck. She watched it, her lips parting slightly. He was offering; there was nothing wrong with this. The moment that thought entered her mind, her eyes grew wide, and she turned her head away. “G-go,” she ordered feebly. “Won’t… n-not you.” She knew more than enough about Riku to know that he didn’t want to be doing this. A deep cough shook her entire body, and she once again pressed her face into her knees.

The boy shook his head, taking her shoulder and making her torso twist until they were looking at each other, eye to eye. “Rikku, you’re my friend. Hell if I’m letting you cough and get sick and die here in front of me.” His words were biting, and he grasped her hand, interlacing their fingers. He gave them a reassuring squeeze. “I’ll be fine. I know enough.”

The thief tried to turn her head away, but couldn’t manage enough will-power to do so. Expression showing instinctive terror, she blinked away unshed tears. She grasped his fingers tightly, eyelids fluttering; she couldn’t fight it anymore. “C-cunno,” she whispered. Closing her eyes, the blonde leaned forward, pressing her lips softly to his exposed neck before opening her mouth and sinking her needle-sharp canines into his soft flesh as gently as she could.

Riku’s breath hitched as she sank her fangs into his neck, suddenly feeling warm fatigue run through his body. His eyes fluttered before closing, head lolling just a bit to the side. The hand in Rikku’s seemed limp now, the Skymning heir having near effects to sedation.

His listless frame slumped against her, and she moved her free hand to tenderly lift his head up. Trying not to think about what she was doing and who she was doing it to, the girl was overcome by pure intuition as his warm blood flowed into her mouth. She greedily swallowed the crimson liquid, sometimes tilting her head to lick a stray trickle that dripped down his neck. It was an elixir, giving her back the life that had so nearly slipped away.

Riku could still feel a bit of pain at his neck, giving a loud, shaky sigh. Oh god, oh god, oh god. He could feel his body numbing lightly, unable to keep from feeling lightheaded. He gave an inaudible murmur, eyes fluttering and threatening to fall shut. To fall away, to forgive and forget about the girl who was his friend who was chomping down on his neck like it was a water balloon and she needed a good drink.

That sigh seemed to snap her out of her bloodlust. She froze, one hand still tangled in his hair and the other now wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer. She drew her mouth a few millimeters from his neck, staring dazedly at the scarlet blood flowing down his pale skin. The contrast was shocking, and almost hurt her eyes. “Riku…?” Her lips just brushed his skin, and a lock of his silver hair swept against her cheek.

There was no answer this time, the teen too lost in a world too far away to come crashing down. Another murmur; but he didn't move otherwise. He was being completely still, abiding so Rikku wouldn't have to stop. He knew she needed this, and was stern enough to know that when she needed something, he was going to give it to her, whether she liked it or not and whether he liked it or not.

His compliance was soothing, and she suddenly wasn’t as afraid as she had been. Murmuring soft words in Al Bhed, she licked his skin clean of the trails of blood before pressing her stained lips once more to the two identical puncture wounds just below his jawbone. She didn’t need much longer; just a few more minutes and she’d be able to start the process all over again; denying the thirst until she was on the brink of death, finding a healthy source of sustenance. Or maybe next time she would just let herself die. But now wasn’t the time to decide.

So now she was doing it again, and half of Riku was glad, but half of him was scared. He knew he could trust Rikku, but could she trust her instinct to not take all of his blood? He jerked a bit and coughed into her shoulder as a few minutes passed by, arms starting to shake. No, no, no, no.

When he started trembling, the blonde girl immediately withdrew her mouth from his neck with only a little difficulty. She pressed her cheek to his, mumbling apologies into his ear. “It’s over, I’m done. Never again, I swear it. Never ever.” It didn’t matter that she couldn’t move because of his limp form on top of her, and it didn’t matter that she was holding him too close. All that mattered was him still being alive, and staying that way.

"Th... that wasn't so bad," he whispered, eyes closed as he pressed his shoulder back, so he could at least try to sit up by himself. Riku hid his gasps for breath, slowly letting them out and slowly letting them in. One of his shaking hands went up to the place where she had bitten him, and he winced, giving a quiet groan. "... How to explain this to the press..."

He was acting so... so calm about it! He was just so strong, and she wasn’t, and he could put himself in mortal danger for her sake, and she might never get the chance to return the favor… Rikku gave a low sniffle before tears started pouring down her cheeks unchecked. “I didn’t… Y-you didn’t have to… I c-could have…” Not able to form a complete sentence, she buried her face in her hands, sobbing quietly into her palms. She could still smell his blood, could feel it on her lips, could taste it. She’d never be able to forgive herself, even if he did.

Riku shook his head. “You didn’t, I didn’t have to, you could have? Rikku, Rikku, Rikku.” He gave a quiet sigh and wrapped his arms around her thin waist with a bit of difficulty before picking her up. His arms shook a little, but his legs stayed steady as he walked up the stairs. “Look, we all have regrets. They make us human. No matter what portion you are, you’re part human.”

Rikku curled against him, face still in her hands. She had no idea how he could even stand to be around her right now, let alone carry her somewhere. Sniffling pathetically, she mulled over his words. She regretted few things in her seventeen years of human life; her dad had always said that if you went through life apologizing for everything, you’d never get anywhere. “Humans don’t drink other humans’ blood,” she mumbled.

"Humans make sacrifices for other humans," he said softly, voice reassuring as he came to a stop. There were many other rooms. "Which one is yours?"

She pulled her hands from her face, sighing lowly. Sure, that proved that he was human. But what about her? What had she ever sacrificed for someone else? Leaving her people to save them having to bear the shame of what their next leader had become? That wasn’t much of a sacrifice, considering that she’d been planning on leaving anyway. She pressed the heels of her palms to her eyes, trying to stop the tears. “Third door on the right,” she whispered.

Counting through them, he murmured something quietly before reaching her room. He opened it quickly, striding over to the bed and laying her down gently. He took a good look at her, and shook his head. "Sorry, but you look awful. One minute." Riku glanced towards the two doors; one was a closet, the other a bathroom. He strode towards the sink in the bathroom, taking a rag and wetting it. He didn't know what sort of instinct came over him, but he just felt like taking care of the half-vampire, no matter what.

Even in her partially weakened state, she still had the dignity to cross her arms and pout in an undignified manner. “Well I’m sorry that I nearly died,” she muttered to herself, low enough so that he couldn’t hear. He was right though; she probably did look like she’d gone through her own personal hurricane. The girl sat up cross-legged on the bed, only having a little trouble moving. She could feel her strength returning, thanks to Riku’s blood.

He took a moment to slowly walk back, pressing the wet towel against her face. There were small streaks of blood on her cheeks and jaw line, and Riku couldn't help but feel a bit sick. He never really liked blood to begin with, but...

She could see the unease on his face, and a new wave of guilt rushed over her. She gently took the cloth from his hands, her swirled eyes sad before she looked down, trying to hide her face from him. “You don’t have to,” she said softly, squeezing his fingers. “If it’ll be easier, I’ll just go take a shower and you can rest here and stuff.”

Riku gave a sigh, shaking his head. "No, I can't rest... but if you want to, go ahead. I can't stay here and rest," he stated quietly. "I have a meeting and then homework... and..." he almost yawned. "Either way, I have to go. I have a full schedule."

Green eyes narrowed to slits, she slid her body to the side of the bed and stood and shaking legs, hands on her hips. “You just lost two pints of blood,” she growled. Funny thing about any kind of vampire – they could measure exactly how much of the vermilion liquid that they drank. “I don’t care if you have a ‘full schedule.’ Do you really think you’ll be able to think straight after that?”

"I'm thinking straight now," he said quietly, although his eyes were a bit unfocused. "So yes, I think I'll be able to think circle."

Rikku gave an exasperated sound, and stepped forward before pushing him down onto the bed. She poked him in the chest as she spoke, leaning down towards him. “If you’re gone when I get out of the shower, I’ll never play soccer with you again.” Her voice was low and threatening; she meant it. He’d probably get mad at her for saying that, but he’d thank her later. There was no way she was going to let him run around with a quarter of his total blood quantity missing.

Riku stared at her for a while. She... had said that so seriously, he almost whimpered. Rikku was a great soccer player, a real challenge. He closed his eyes, staying down on the bed before trying to remember where he had put his cell phone. He could at least tell them that he wasn't going to make it.

As if reading his mind, the blonde girl tossed his phone on the bed next to him. At his questioning look, she shrugged. “I palmed it after I took the washcloth.” Once a thief, always a thief. “Now stay there.” Turning on her heel, she made her way unsteadily to the bathroom, grabbing her pajamas on the way. She shut the door, and it wasn’t long before the spray of water could be heard, mixing in with the rain outside. In her distress and worry about Riku, she hadn’t even noticed that it was storming now.

Riku flinched slightly as he heard thunder, trying to calm himself down. He was safe. It was rather ironic, though... now he was in for a storm when the worst was over. Was there a closet--yes, there was. He shakily pushed himself up into a sitting position, and coughed a bit as he tried to stand.

Just as he stood, Rikku came out of the bathroom, wearing a black long-sleeved shirt that went down to her mid-thigh. Her blonde hair hung loose and wet around her face, and she scowled at the boy. “I thought I told you not to-” She was cut off by a flash of lightning and crash of thunder, and her eyes widened considerably. With a terrified squeak, she flung herself to the floor, arms over her head.

The soccer player stared at her as she pulled herself to the floor, eyes widening. "Rikku, what the--" Another thunderclap, and he flinched, putting his hands to his ears and muttering something darkly.

“A-astraphobia,” she whispered fearfully, army-crawling her way across the floor towards her closet. “Fear o-of thunder and… and lightning.” Another peal of thunder actually shook her house, and she curled up into a ball, eyes squeezed shut, arms wrapped around herself. She crossed her ankles, pressing her forehead to her bare knees. ’Breathe, breathe, breathe. Don’t think about it.’

Riku was rooted to his spot, shaking uncontrollably. Lighting, rain, thunder. He shut his seagreen eyes tightly, trying to block them all out. He was dizzy, he was falling, and he could hear a large thump, but felt so far away.

Her eyes popped open at the smack, and she caught sight of Riku on the ground, in a dead faint. She would have laughed had she not been so scared out of her mind. Mustering up all her courage, she inched along the floor until she was next to him, and grabbed him under the arms. Singing an Al Bhed lullaby to herself, Rikku managed to drag them both towards the closet. She fumbled with the knob, taking three tries to get it open. It was pitch black inside the tiny room, but she couldn’t stop hyperventilating long enough to grope around for the light switch. ’At least it’s quieter in here,’ she thought, slumping against the wall, knees drawn to her chest.
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