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Who: Demyx (musicaldarkness) and Rikku (clumsiness)
When: The 6th of Auguest or however it's spelled.
Where: A garage
Rating: PG-13 probably, for swearing

Demyx wandered into the garaged, peering around for the sight of the girl... or, really, any girl since this would be his first time meeting Rikku and he didn't have a clue what she looked like. He had just been told to be here with clothes he didn't mind getting dirty in to prepare for fixing... things. Yea. That was about all he had gotten. Other than this was supposed to be fun.
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Rikku puffed out one cheek in semi-annoyance as she grabbed a wrench from where it lay beside her and used it to flick a blonde braid from her face, effectively leaving a smudge of grease on said puffed-out cheek. She dropped a screwdriver in the tool’s place, the clang from metal hitting concrete echoing around the garage, momentarily drowning out the station that she’d tuned the radio to.

The first thing that alerted her to another person's presence was footsteps echoing around the cemented garage. Her pout turned to a frown, and she wiggled out from under the car she was working on. "Hey there!" she called, waving enthusiastically. "You're Demyx, right? Well, you must be, since I didn't invite anyone else out here today." Laughing lightly, she tried not to marvel at the fact that even though he was a full-blooded vampire, he looked absolutely normal. Definitely not what she'd expected.
"Um... yea, that's me!" the blonde said, somewhat apolegectically. He certainly didn't look like most vampires, who tended to take pride in their nature. He liked humans a lot better. "Soooo, you're Rikku, huh?" Walking over, he tried to crane his head down to look under the car and ended up being woefully unsuccessful. "Whatcha working on down there?"
"Yep!" she said, sticking out her hand for him to shake once he straightened. "Rikku, the thief and engineer extraordinaire, at your service!" Said thief/engineer was currently bouncing on the balls of her feet in excitement; it had been a while since she'd had someone to work with, or at least be with. Ten years as the family outcast could make life a little bit lonely.
"Nice to meet you, Rikku!" the vampire grinned, shaking her hand. He was very excitement as well- he liked meeting people who wouldn't potentially try to kill him. That always put a downer on friendships.
Now that they'd been introduced, it was time to get to work. Still grasping his hand, Rikku led him over to stand in front of the car. "This is my current project," she announced proudly. The car was a brilliantly red Chevy Corvette with a white racing stripe down the middle. It didn't look too old, but it was obvious to tell it was having trouble running since she'd propped open the hood so that the engine was visible.
"What are you doing with it?" Demyx asked curiously. Not that he'd understand a word, but that was ok. He could follow directions... for the most part, anyway.
"Well, actually.." The blonde girl smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of her neck with her free hand. "I'm trying to get it to start up. See, the engine's gone all weird, and I can't quite figure out why." And that was very frustrating. She'd been raised as a mechanic, dammit! Shouldn't she be able to figure out something as simple as why a car engine wouldn't start?!
"Oh..." Demyx peered at the engine, thinking that it looked perfectly fine to him, though maybe a little dirtier than was normal. But he didn't really mess with cars much, or at all, so he wouldn't know what normal was anyway. "Is there something you haven't tried?"
She nodded. "I need someone to try and start it while I mess with the engine a little more." She smiled brightly up at him, swirled eyes sparkling. "I was kind of hoping that you would."
"Sure!" he replied with a smile, going to the other side of the car. "Um... how do I do that, exactly?
Rikku was momentarily stunned that he didn't know how to start a car. She quickly got over it, and smiled in amusement, stepping next to him. She opened the door and grabbed the keys from where she'd thrown them on the seat. "With these," she said, leaning over and sticking them in the ignition. She straightened and faced him. "Just turn them towards you when I say so, alright?"
"Oh, ok." He grinned sheepishly, waiting for her to give the command. That was simple enough that he wouldn't screw it up, right?

Though knowing him, something would probably happen...
Rikku went back to the front of the car, and after a few minutes, she waved at him, still bent over the engine. "Okay, do it now!" she called.
Demyx turned the key, very proud of himself for not screwing this part of it up.

((ooc: took my the longest time to figure out that the other person in your icon was gippal. i thought it was xigbar at first glance...))
The car whined for a moment before there was a click and a screech that grew steadily louder. The girl's spiraled eyes widened hugely and she swore in Al Bhed, darting over and grabbing Demyx's arm, hauling him from the car. She shoved him away from the Chevy, throwing her arms over her head as the engine sputtered and then exploded. She was thrown through the air, towards the workbench across the garage.

(OOC; Rofl, don't worry. It took me a few days to figure out who it was at all. XD And yes, it does look like Xigbar~)
Demyx's eyes widened as he was thrown back as well, against the wall. "Ow..." he muttered, rubbing his head before looking over at the blonde girl. "Rikku? Are you ok?"
A groan was his only reply; Rikku had collided with the workbench, and the tools that were on it. There was a long cut across her back, from what had felt like the foot of a hammer - the bloodied instrument now lay on the floor a few feet next to the table. Her gloved fingers twitched as she opened her eyes, lifting her head slightly to look blearily over at him.
Demyx pulled himself up and went over to her. "Rikku...?" He didn't know how to heal or anything and he didn't know if there were any normal bandages or things here, so... he felt mostly hopeless.
She managed to push herself up, hissing lowly as the movement pained her back. "Ngh..." It wasn't much, but at least she could still make some form of words. Well, not really. She squeezed her eyes shut, kneeling with her hands on the ground. Her fingers curled as a ripple seemed to flow over the cut; it looked like her skin was melting back together. Within minutes, the gash was gone and the only sign that it had ever been there was the small pool of blood beneath the blonde girl and her labored breaths.
The blonde vampire blinked as she did that, very confused and impressed. "How did you do that...?" he asked curiously.
Rikku's spiraled eyes fluttered open, and she sucked in a quick, pained breath. "H-hyper healing," she gasped, struggling to sit up straight. After a few seconds, she just flopped back on the ground, wincing as her entire body was jarred by the impact. "Al... Al Bhed t-trait." She coughed, nearly doubled over.
Demyx reached over to steady her, not asking her anything else as he waited for her to catch her breath. He vaguely had the chance to wonder if he had done something to mess up...
Seeming to sense his looming guilt, she muttered, "I.. turned th-the wrong.. valve. Cut off 'mer... gency pipe.. accident." Her sentences came out slightly less than coherent, and a few seconds later she fainted, slumping forward into Demyx's hold.
Demyx's eyes widened as she fell limp, having no clue what he should do now. There was a girl completely unciousness there, and he didn't know how to heal or anything.

...Oh, wait. That's what hospitals were for. He got up, carefully holding the half-vampire and taking her to the hopital.