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you say we're not responsible [COMPLETE]

Who: Riku [silveralli] and Xenmas [gens_duxducis]
When: Today, at sunset.
Where: A soccer complex.
Rating: PG-13, for swearing.
Warnings: ... it's Riku. With Xenmas intruding. Plain warning signs there.

The whir of the soccer machine made Riku focus as a soccer ball was pelted towards the goal.

He quickly ran towards where it was headed and caught it, dropping it as another one was thrown. Whatever it took to get his mind off of the company meeting he had only a few hours from then was good; he needed to have his head cleared. He gave a slight cough and punched a ball away from the goal, wincing a little as the contact was made.

Quickly, he pressed a button on the control around his wrist to turn the machine off, and glanced around him. ... he could roughly estimate there were about twenty five or so soccer balls there, to practice dribbling.

Which he really didn’t need to practice, as a goalie, but what the coach said was law. With a sigh, he started to kick around the nearest ball, not listening to the crunch of grass behind him that signaled footsteps.
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