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why did you leave me here alone. [INCOMPLETE]

Who: Riku Skymning, open to everyone.
When: October 31st.
Where: The Skymning Mansion; the 28th Annual Halloween Ball.
Rating: PG.
Warnings: None yet.

Riku paused as he looked towards the entrance. There were already a few people here, enjoying themselves, laughing. Some of his friends weren't coming, as far as he knew. His brothers weren't. His seagreen eyes drifted up towards the large painting of his father and mother, giving a slight smile. He was on the second floor, above the ballroom. He wasn't coming down for some time. The host of the party always came in last, after all. With a brush to his silver bangs, he idly wondered if Demyx or Rikku was coming. He straightened his back, getting up just a little.

There was a pause as he glanced back at his costume. When he was eight, he had dressed up as a prince for his mother. He had been too busy at school, and had detested it, but even so, he had went through with her wishes and dressed up as one. He could vaguely remember traveling through woods to a ball, too, then. He glanced towards the large string quartet and shook his head, turning away and hoping the person he was waiting for would appear.
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